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Our business covers tinplate, TFS, laminated steel, printing and EOE

1)PL-TCM (pickling line and five tandem cold mill) 

● PL-TCM (pickling line and five tandem cold mill) is at the highest level in the world.

● It adopts continuous and short process technology and new arts of tinning

● The ultra-thin tinplate reaches thickness of 0.14mm so far.

● The actual speed reached 1350 meters/min.

● We can make the flatness of tin steel strip to 3.5i, which they others make 7i on international. (1i = 0.1 nm)

● The tolerance of thickness reach 0.002mm, it’s very important to future production process

2) Electrolytic Tinplate coating Line

● The fastest speed reached 300 meters/min.

● The annual output of this production line reached 156,000 tons 

● According to adjust the heating curve, strict control the thickness of alloy.

● Eligibility criteria of tin plating weight

3) 8 colour metal printing line

● Being the fourth line in the world and first line in China.

● Adopts new technology of CTP plate making , new process of FM printing 

● Brand new model of printing and transmitting  

● Achieves fully automatic control with intelligent gripper 

● Automatic plate and inking

4)Laminated steel 

Advantages of laminated products:

● Healthy and safe for human body by preventing leaching out of BPA.

● Environmental protection by avoiding air pollution of VOC.

● Excellent corrosion resistance and paint adhesion properties compare to tinplate, and no air bubbles problems.

● Cost reduction by using uncoated substrates

● Instead of coil coating

5)Cutting line

● This cutting is the best from Hengli, The speed can meet 180 pcs/min

● It automatically excludes the bad tinplate.