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Our business covers Tinplate, TFS, Printing tinplate, Laminated steel and EOE.

Print Service
Laminated Steel
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  • Our professional trained marketing team is the most important power of a companys’
    development. Energy and passion of the marketing keep them always busy.
    Providing overall information to our customers, visiting clients, serving new acquaintances
    who we met at exhibitions.

    International Sales Team

  • Quality control and deliberation team is specially established for our overseas customers, because of the different quality standard
    between China and abroad as well as differences on quality requirements. We have a strict quality control on our products according to
    international vision, and provide the best suggestion to solve all kinds of problems. When our goods encounter problems, our QC team will
    promptly analyze the problems and determine the root of the problem, then solve the pressing need quickly to ensure our smooth cooperation.

    Quality Control Team

  • Our logistics team has experience in steel cargo transporting, responsible for the transporting from
    domestic land to our port, shipment from China port to your port, and moving from the port of discharge to your warehouse.
    The professional data analysis can provide recommendations for the changing of the fees in the future,
    save you the greatest fees and ensure the accuracy of our goods’ arriving.

    Logistics Team

  • Professional document production and verification team can ensure every document reaching
    your hands without errors. Every document is the earliest arrival and being filled according to your needs.
    We would optimize our services towards customers to match our behaviors to avoid the discomfort that dissonance causes.

    Documents team


Our business covers tinplate, TFS, laminated steel, printing and EOE.